Sperm Count for IUI Treatment

Sperm Count for IUI Treatment in Anand

The IUI or the Intrauterine Insemination is a type of artificial insemination procedure in which the male sperm after being washed & concentrated are placed in the female uterus during the time when ovary releases it egg that has to be fertilized. It is one most common fertility treatment provided to the patients. And, only the best quality sperm cells are separated from the sample & thicksemen with high motile sperm cells are inseminated in uterus so the chance of conceiving is high during the treatment. These is the first basic fertility treatment which is suggested & provided to the patients who are suffering from the infertility problem.

When to Choose IUI Treatment

The stated below are the cases where the IUI Treatment is perfect solution for the couple suffering infertility

  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Donor sperm
  • Mild male factor infertility
  • Endometriosis related infertility
  • Ovulatory factor fertility
  • Semen allergy
  • Cervical factor infertility

The couple who wishes to have this treatment we observe the egg quality of female & sperm quality of male. If any issue is found initially the medication is provided to the concerned one. And, after medication if any improvement in male sperms is not found than donor sperm are used for the insemination. In females, if they have a low egg count or disturbed ovulation than IUI is the best option for them to get pregnant. If the male motile sperm count is more than the 5 million than it is good for the IUI Treatment. And, if the motile sperm count is less than 3 million than the chances of conception is low. In our center, we provide the best quality IUI Treatment at an affordable price with a high success rate. Our expertise team performs all necessary check up& testing that are required. And, after studying your report outcome we suggest you the best fertility treatment so you can have your own baby. At, Usha IVF we provide you the best solution related to IUI Treatment in Anand. We have successfully fulfilled the dream of many Indian & Foreigners Couple of having a healthy baby. We & our team make every appropriate step in making your nine months journey an easy process.

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