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The USHA IVF is the Best IVF Center in Gujarat who is providing the complete solution related to Surrogacy and IVF Treatment, Test Tube Baby Treatment, Low egg count treatment, Obesity and Infertility treatment, Thyroid and infertility treatment, Laparoscopy treatment for fibroids, Tubal Blockage and IVF treatment, Treatment of Diabetes with Pregnancy & Twin Pregnancy Treatment.

Having a baby is a dream of many couples, which cannot be fulfilled due to many reasons. And, the medical science has attained such a great height that the root cause of the infertility can be easily identified. The best treatment can be suggested & can be easily given to the couple who dream to have a baby. The USHA IVF in Anand, provide the best treatment fertility in Gujarat

success rate of ivf and iui

What is IVF?

The egg from a female is extracted which is then fertilized with the male healthy sperm in vitro in the laboratory. When the fertilized egg or the embryo is formed it is again placed in the woman’s womb where it grow & developed into a foetus.

We in Anand provide the best IVF Treatment in low costs, many patients come to us from all over the world & fulfil their dream of having babies.

Process in IVF Treatment

The IVF Treatment is a process of many stages likes

  • Medication
  • Egg Harvesting
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo Culture
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Waiting for Good News

Benefits of IVF

The benefits of the IVF Treatment -

  • Can be used anyone
  • It works when the other fertility treatment fails
  • You have a great control over timing
  • Increase the chances of conception
  • Increase the chances of having a healthy baby
  • Decreases the chances of miscarriage
  • Donated eggs or sperms can be used
Test Tube Baby Treatment In Anand

Test Tube Baby

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Test Tube Baby Treatment

In this treatment, the womans egg is processed with the mans sperm outside the womans body. It is processed in the lab in a Petri-dish till the time it turns itself into an embryo. Once this is done, then it is planted inside the womans body.

Surrogacy and Ivf Treatment In Anand

Surrogacy And IVF

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Surrogacy & IVF Treatment

IVF and surrogacy's primary difference is In IVF, we fertilize the egg outside the body and transfer the embryo to the mother's uterus. However, in surrogacy, deliver it and give it to real parents

low egg count treatment in anand

Low Egg Count

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Low Egg Count Treatment

If diminished ovarian reserve is diagnosed soon enough, it's possible to freeze healthy eggs for future use. Your doctor might even suggest trying IVF immediately. Another option is using donor eggs to get pregnant in this case.

obesity and infertility treatment in anand

Obesity and infertility

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Obesity & Infertility Treatment

At the Fertility Center, our team of specialists always work closely with patients to help them begin the families that they have always wanted. Treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) have proven extremely successful.


Cause of Infertility In Male

  • Infection
  • Varicocele
  • Tumours
  • Ejaculation Issue
  • Antibodies Attacking Sperm
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Chromosome Defects
  • Prior Surgeries

Cause of Infertility In Female

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Improper Weight
    (Overweight / Underweight)
  • Irregular Menstrual
  • Endometriosis
  • Tubal Issue
  • Blocked Fallopian Tube
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  • PCOS or PCOD
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
Ectopic pregnancy and Infertility in anand

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization

The IVF or the Invitro Fertilization is a type of fertility treatment which is adopted by many couples nowadays for treating their infertility problem & have a baby. Some people are still unaware of this technique, but it is a blessing for the people who don’t have baby or cannot conceive naturally the baby.

No matter what is the issue with you & your partners, if you take a proper fertility treatment by the well known center then you can easily have a healthy baby


The problem of infertility can be observed in both male & female. Some people think, if a couple is not having a baby than only female is responsible for that, it’s completely false. Even male also has the infertility issue due to which they cannot become parents. The stated below are some reason of infertility Some people think, if a couple is not having a baby than only female is responsible for that, it’s completely false. Even male also has the infertility issue due to which they cannot become parents.

IVF Center in Anand

The Usha IVF Center in Anand is the No 1 Fertility Treatment Provider in our locality. And, we established in 1990, the team at our center is expertise in their work & have a great knowledge in this field. Our clinic has all the facilities which provide a comfortable treatment to our patients. And, we make sure that the couple feels comfortable with us. Dr. Usha Thakkar is one of the best IVF Doctor in India, she minutely observes each detail of the patient & provide best treatment for the patients.

laparoscopy treatment for fibroids by Dr. Dipan Thakkar

Dr. Dipan Thakkar


Dr. Dipan Thakkar was also the president of Anand obstetric and gynacological society.he is the core fertility specialist at USHA IVF Center, Anand and has recived further trainng for ivf, advanced infertility and human resproductive endocrinology at germany. Since 2012 he hsa successfully delivered 300+ test-tube babies!

uterine polyp and uterine septum treatment by Dr. Usha Thakkar
Dr. Usha Thakkar

Dr. Usha Thakkar completed her MBBS and MD in Anaesthesia from Baroda Medical College and SSG Hospital of MS University in Vadodara, Gujarat. She has been a practising anaesthesiologist since 28 years. She later completed a Diplomate of Gynaecology and Obstetrics affiliated to Indian College of Maternal and Child Health in 2013.

Best IVF Doctor In Anand

Whenever, the couple plans for a baby & they come to know about the fertility issue. The biggest problem they face is selecting the appropriate doctor for their treatment. And, we are here to serve for our patients & provide the best treatment for all your requirements. Our clinic is presently situated in Anand, Gujarat, where we have our hospital with ultramodern infrastructure & all latest technology equipment. Besides, the treatment we provide to our patients is also as per the latest technique with high success IVF treatment rate. Our clinic has all the facilities which provide a comfortable treatment to our patients. And, we make sure that the couple feels comfortable with us. Dr. Usha Thakkar is one of the best IVF Doctor in India.

Best IVF Clinic for fertility In Anand

Best IVF Clinic for Fertility In Anand

The Usha IVF is one of the Best IVF Clinic for fertility In Anand which is trusted by the most of the patient who suffers from the different infertility treatment. And, if you are planning for the fertility treatment in Gujarat. Our clinic is situated in Anand, & has an experience of more than three decades in this field. Whenever, the requirement related to the IVF Treatment arises in Gujarat than the Anand is the topmost choice of the patient for the fertility treatment. We provide the complete solution related to all types of the fertility treatments.

Top IVF Center in Anand

Our hospital is one of the Top IVF Center in Anand & provide the total solution related to all types of the fertility treatment. We are known in the town for providing the treatment to our patients & the IVF treatment provided by us has the highest success rate. Though we are situated in Anand, we provide the best solution for all the requirement related to all the types of the fertility treatment. We have the ultramodern infrastructure facility & make use of the latest technology in providing the treatment. We make use of the practises that makes our patients comfortable throughout the entire process. The best quality treatment at affordable prices, is provided that also by the expert doctors. The couples have lots of questions & confusion if they are having problem in conceiving the child.

Usha IVF - Top IVF Center in Anand
Usha IVF Centre offers Affordable IVF Treatment in Anand

Affordable IVF Treatment in Anand

There are many IVF treatment clinics available in the town, sometimes many hospitals charge for a hefty amount with the patients. And, doesn’t provide an appropriate treatment to the client despite of taking the heavy charges from the patients. The USHA IVF provides the best quality of the fertility treatments to the client. We provide the world best quality Affordable IVF Treatment in Anand. Our expert team has a great experience in this field & we gives the best quality treatment to the patient in the lowest price. And, due to the affordable price the treatment made easily accessible for the patients.

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