Twin Pregnancy Treatment

Twin Pregnancy Treatment in Anand

Whenever any couple is undergoing for any kind of the fertility treatment or have any family history of twin pregnancy than they are more likely to be conceived with the twin pregnancy. No matter whether you conceive naturally or by treatment, the multiple pregnancy cases needed an extra care & observation. Right from starting as soon as we identify that mother is twin or more babies, we keep them under strict observation. We ensure that proper diet, nutrition, activities, routine of the mommy to be. Dr. Thakkar has great experience in this field & has helped to deliver healthy babies though they have a complicated pregnancy.

The twin pregnancy faces major issues like early miscarriage, pre term labour, vanishing or miscarriage of one child, intrauterine growth discordance, low birth weight, preeclampsia in women, gestational diabetes, etc., If proper medicines & nutrition’sare not provided to the pregnant mother than definitely she & her babies are going to face many health issues during pregnancy & after birth.

So, to prevent all issues one must get treatment & medication from the expert. At, Usha IVF we provide you the best solution related to Twin Pregnancy Treatment in Anand. We have successfully fulfilled the dream of many Indian & Foreigners Couple of having a healthy baby. We & our team make every appropriate step in making your nine months journey an easy process.

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