Surrogacy & IVF Treatment

Surrogacy & Ivf Treatment In Anand

In some cases where a woman is unable to conceive & become due to the health issue or any high risk factors which can affect her whole pregnancy, despite of all things if a couple wish to have their baby than surrogacy is a boon for them.
In surrogacy, a legal agreement is made between the couple & the surrogate who would carry their baby for 9 months in her womb. But after the birth of the baby’s parents would have all the legal right as a guardian of the baby.

Indication for treatment by surrogacy

The stated below are some cases where the doctor prefer you to have a baby by the surrogacy technique in following cases-

  • Women with congenital uterine abnormality like hypoplastic uterus or T shaped uterus
  • Women with congenital absence of uterus
  • Women having ruptured uterus or severe haemorrhage
  • Women suffered from repeated miscarriages
  • Women suffering from repeated IVF failures
Difference Between IVF and Surrogacy

Selection of Surrogate

When a couple comes to conclusion that they wish to have a baby by means of surrogacy the first thing that strike their mind is selecting an appropriate surrogate mother for their child. They relatively have two options which they can choose as per their convenience. First one is that they either choose any of their relativeslike cousins, sister-in-law or any friend who volunteer to carry their baby & it is referred as the Artistic Surrogacy. And, in case if couple don’t have above option, they can move toward anonymous gestational carriers,

which are identified by many agencies or our contract is commonly known as the Commercial Surrogacy.No matter how you choose a surrogate mother for your baby,but she must be healthy so that the future baby is also healthy & free from all types of health issues. We provide the best Surrogacy Treatment in India at a very affordable price. At, Usha IVF we provide you the best solution related to Surrogacy in Anand.

We have successfully fulfilled the dream of many Indian & Foreigners Couple of having a healthy baby. We & our team make every appropriate step in making your nine monthsjourney an easy process.

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