Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs IVF?

The couple who is trying for conceiving for many years still not getting any success. Or, the couple with some health issue & multiple pregnancy loss can also undergo for IVF treatment.

Is there any risk to have a baby using IVF?

No, if the IVF treatment done by the experts IVF clinic they perform all regular test & analysis priorly. You can have a healthy baby if you undergo proper IVF treatment & medication.

The IVF process is painful?

The pain varies from patient to patients, yes some of the stages of the IVF treatment is quite painful. The anaesthesia can be given to the patients but if follow proper doctor instruction & medication than the pain can be less.

Is egg retrieval process is painful?

No, as the egg retrieval is done by using the anaesthesia & patient don’t feel pain while the process. But the mild abdominal cramping can be observed for 2 to 3 days after the process.

How many attempts of IVF can be done?

The attempt of IVF treatment depends on several factors like partner age, patient profile, financial status, previous fertility treatment taken. The IVF can be attempted 3 to 5 times considering the different parameter.

Is there chance of multiple pregnancy?

Minimum if 3 embryos are transferred to the patients than the chances of singleton is 75 %, twin pregnancy chances is 20 % & triplet pregnancy chances is 5 %.

Gap between 2 unsuccessful cycles?

The gap between the frozen cycle is about of 1 month & in case of fresh cycle is about 2 months.

Can embryo transfer done under anaesthesia?

Yes, the embryo transfer can be done by using the anaesthesia.

Is IVF harmful?

No, the IVF treatment is not harmful when it carried out under the expert supervision considering all the requirements.

How much IVF costs?

The cost of the overall the treatment depends upon many factors & varies from clinic to clinic. Visit the Usha IVF for more details related to IVF treatment pricing.

Who has infertility?

The infertility can be found in male & female which can be easily diagnosed by proper checkup& test.

Best treatment for infertility?

The IVF Treatment is the best fertility treatment which helps many couples to have a healthy baby despites of all their fertility issues.

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